NEVER Talk to Police

In this video, Regent University School of Law, Professor James Duane gives viewers startling reasons why they should always exercise their 5th Amendment rights when questioned by government officials.  Download his Article Here to learn more. Know your Rights!

Do you have to answer questions from a police officer?

Wake Forest Law Professor Ronald F, Wright lays out the rules for police stops and frisks of suspects and what the law says. Know your rights.

Understand Criminal Law Part 1

If you kill someone while sleepwalking, are you guilty of murder?  We explain the basic things/elements which have to be present for someone to have committed a crime and what the difference is between a crime and an attempted crime. Know your Rights!

Understand Criminal Law Part 2

Do you understand the difference between assault and battery?  We'll explain what assault and battery are and why they don't always go together. Know your Rights!

Understand Criminal Law part 3

What's the difference between larceny, robbery, and burglary?  There are a lot of crimes involving stealing, but only some of them are felonies.  We explain what larceny, robbery, burglary, and fraud all mean.Know your Rights!

Understand Criminal Law Part 4

Did you know there are crimes you can commit where you're guilty of murder even if you're not the one who did it?  We explain the difference between manslaughter and murder, as well as some different kinds of murder, including first degree and felony-murder. Know your Rights!

Understand Criminal Law Part 5

Do you know what it takes to be charged for criminal conspiracy?  We explain how conspiracies work and how you can be charged for a crime even if you only did part of it, or only helped after the fact, by being an "accessory." Know your Rights!

Understand Free Speech Law

Do you know what the First Amendment protects, and what it doesn't?  We explain the basics of free speech law and what fighting words, defamation, slander, fraudulent misrepresentation, and obscenity all mean. Know your Rights!

What is Reasonable Suspicion?

What constitutes reasonable suspicion? Here it is explained. Know your Rights!

How to properly refuse Police Searches

There are right and wrong ways to deny a police search. Learn how here. Know your Rights!

DOnt touch a cop. The results will Hurt

You can state your unwillingness to consent to a search but NEVER physically resist. It will end badly. Know your Rights!

How to Ask for your Lawyer (866) DON'T-TALK

Tell them you need a lawyer then call (866) Don't-Talk

How to fight Police Misconduct

Here is how to fight back... Legally. Know your Rights!

How to Deal with Police on the Street

How do you handle yourself during an encounter on the street with Police? Use the Magic words "I choose to remain silent and want to talk to my Lawyer" Know your Rights!

How to deal with cops at your door

Here is how to deal with an encounter at your home with the Police. Use the Magic words "I choose to remain silent and want to talk to my Lawyer" Know your Rights!


What is the Bill of Rights and how does it help you? Know your Rights!

Don't Snitch on yourself!

Always remember your magic words, "I am going to remain silent and want to speak to my Lawyer" then call (866) DON'T-TALK. Know your Rights!

Don't expose yourself to police suspicion

Be careful and be polite. Know your Rights!

Am I free to go

Don't wait for the cops to let you go on their time. Remember this phrase  "are you detaining me or am I free to go?" Know your Rights!

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